Leigh GreenfelderVice President

Vice President Leigh Greenfelder is so efficient that she’s already filled out her calendar through 2021, she knows exactly what her clients need before they do and she responds to emails before they’ve even been sent. A whirlwind of productivity, she goes from driving new business development to guiding clients through journey mapping sessions to serving on the board of numerous community organizations. With an equal balance of vision and strategy, Leigh is a machine, a brand-savvy and super-fun machine. Always motivated by their success, Leigh forms mutually beneficial connections with prospective clients, as well as remains highly involved with her long-standing clients’ unique identities and backgrounds. Being as committed to their brands as they are, she immerses herself in client industries in order to develop a distinct mixture of strategies, messages and tactics to create and protect their brand identity. In her spare time, Leigh…. Never mind, Leigh doesn’t have spare time. 


Want to know more? Email us a request for Leigh to share her expertise with your organization. Potential topics for speaking engagements include:

  • Branding
  • Content Development Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Nonprofit Marketing
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Strategic Planning
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Industry Experience
14 years
Joined WhiteSpace
Highland PR
Akron Racers
Dix & Eaton
B.A., Public Communications
Ashland University

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