Driven by people. Built on grit.

At our foundation, WhiteSpace is all about the people. From the talent that works here to the clients we partner with, we’re focused on establishing relationships that prosper. After that, it’s our roll-the-sleeves-up, dive-right-in mentality that drives us forward. From storytelling to brand building to exploring visual identities, we make an investment in sweat equity, brainpower and elbow grease. It’s our belief in a hands-on process and our unflinching commitment to handshakes and high-fives that lead to producing results that matter.

Oh, yeah. And we’re fiercely competitive. From client concepts to our in-house competitions, we don’t mind getting ink on our hands or avocado in our hair if it means pushing the results beyond the expected. We’re committed to having a knockdown, drag-out, push-it-as-far-as-it-can-go attitude – whether we’re throwing darts or performing a strategic rebrand. Fostering a competitive spirit propels our projects from evolutionary to revolutionary and makes our relationships that much stronger. To put it bluntly, we work hard and play hard (often at the same time).


We all have a story.

From a cramped spare bedroom to a historic building once occupied by the Akron Paint Company, WhiteSpace has evolved as much as the places we’ve called home. Founded in 1994 by Keeven White, WhiteSpace started off with a single project – a logo for a corporate golf scramble. After two decades of expansion and acquisitions, we have grown into a full-service creative marketing agency. Located in Akron, OH, WhiteSpace embodies the midwestern blue-collar work ethic of the city and employs about 30 hands-on difference makers in the marketing, advertising, public relations and digital fields.

WhiteSpace Staff Picks - Akron, Ohio

Akron is a part of WhiteSpace as much as WhiteSpace is a part of Akron. Here are some of our favorite reasons why: April 2016
Lyndsay Diamond Deli
Diamond Deli Lyndsay Offenberger
378 S. Main Street 5 minute drive from WSC website

Why I Like It: The atmosphere! It's such a great local dive with really friendly staff. It just reminds me of home. And, they're always coming up with creative new sandwiches that make your tastebuds smile.

Why You Should Go: The Old Bald Guy. Literally the most amazing turkey sandwich I've ever had. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Matt Hamburger Station
Hamburger Station Matt Labyk
710 Canton Rd 13 minute drive from WSC website

Why I Like It: Greasy burgers buried in onions and pickles…mmm…just what the doctor ordered!

Why You Should Go: Hamburger Station is an Akron icon. You’re not just getting tasty sliders. You’re also getting some authentic Akron culture. Oh, and fresh-cut onion rings!

Ashley Chick-Fil-A (CFA)
Chick-Fil-A (CFA) Ashley Engelhardt
47 Flight Memorial Pkwy 14 minute drive from WSC website

Why I Like It: It's always good and the employees are super polite.

Why You Should Go: The best two CFAs I've been to are in the Akron area and they have killer Honey Roasted BBQ sauce.

Derek Crave
Crave Derek Stulpin
57 E. Market Street 1 minute walk from WSC website

Why I Like It: Steak Wrap

Why You Should Go: They use only local, organic ingredients to make amazingly good food.

Patrick Lockview
Lockview Patrick Coleman
207 South Main St. 11 minute walk from WSC website

Why I Like It: The grilled cheese at The Lockview are not doused in hipster irony. They are 100% earnest in their culinary ideals. The choice of breads and ingredients are carefully considered and aren’t simply for deep grubbing. Some, in fact, are almost delicate in their composition.

Why You Should Go: Lockview has an atmosphere that leans towards dive bar, an incredible beer selection that cuts deep into the craft genre and a staff that is incredibly helpful and you’ve got perfection in the heart of Downtown Akron. Go there. Eat all the things.

Alan Crave
Crave Alan Ashby
57 E. Market Street 1 minute walk from WSC website

Why I Like It: The variety of the food and the atmosphere, the drinks are good too

Why You Should Go: Never a bad meal. Always a good time.

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