What "Tipping Point" Means to us

Remember 1994? Friends debuted on NBC. Sony launched PlayStation™. The world was just starting to get its head around this whole Internet thing. It was also when WhiteSpace Creative opened its doors. However, being in business for 21 years is not what pushed us to our tipping point (though it does explain the Crackhouse font in our logo). Neither is an arbitrary desire for a new mark, a sudden aversion to the color orange or the temptation to unleash our creative talent on ourselves. A brand’s tipping point is more substantial than any of those reasons – and far more inevitable.

For WhiteSpace, progress and growth have fundamentally changed who we are. The passionate design “group” of one operating out of a spare bedroom grew into more than 40 of the area’s top talents. We’ve adopted a whole new approach. Acquisitions, additional sales offices, full-service capability and the current renovation of a historic Akron factory have led us here.

So where’s here? It’s that sweet spot, that breathless second when the lever teeters just before choosing which direction to fall. We don’t know yet how far we’ll tip or exactly where we’ll land. But, we know it’s time. 

How this is going to work

We’ve divided our process into five phases that align with the work we’ll be doing, as well as the conversations we hope to have about it. Watch our campaign unfold:

  • Decide – What’s the best way to approach any difficult decision? How did we make this one?
  • Explore – Who are we right now, and what does that mean from design and messaging standpoints?
  • Create – Can you feel that electricity? It’s our creative juices flowing as we tackle a new mark and voice!
  • Build – How do we turn individual components into a cohesive identity? Oh yeah, and what’s happening with that massive warehouse we’re about to call home?
  • Launch – Swap hard hats for thinking caps as we design a seamless strategy for identity, website and building launches!

Why this is going to be as addictive as reality TV, but less trashy

In a word? Transparency. In six words? We’re about to get very real. This campaign isn’t about slapping a shiny orange bow on a finished product. We know what we’re doing, of course, and we have ideas. Really good ideas, in fact, and we’re so excited to dig into them. But, the truth is that we will stumble along the way. We’ll get frustrated, hit roadblocks, pause to scratch our heads and rethink certain choices. And that is the heart of this campaign. “Creativity and failure go hand in hand,” President and Founder Keeven White said. “The magic comes out of the stuff that hasn’t been done before.”

#WSCevolution is real, and it’s happening right now. The conversation has already started.

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