Why You Absolutely Should Not Market Your Celery Tonic Via Beme

Who was the first person to look at the outfield wall of a baseball park and think: I could advertise my fine celery tonic from those weathered planks?

That person was, in fact, a pioneer of content marketing. That is: that method of marketing, using established brand messaging, put forth on any number of content channels and platforms, with an eye towards reaching brand benchmarks for recognition, engagement or down-funnel activities. (To put it obtusely.) 

You see, some of those old-timey outfield ads (or the faded, painted billboards that haunt the bricks of buildings around here) were also very likely found in more traditional advertising places like the local newspaper. But these protean content marketers were not… well… content. They understood that where there were eyes, there was also opportunity.

Modern-Day Content Conundrums

Let’s make our previous definition simpler: content marketing is the act of getting your message out, consistently, anywhere and everywhere you possibly can, whether you’re paying for it or not.

Back in the day, technology limited the “anywheres” to things like pamphlets and sandwich boards or what we’d call “sponsored content” on the Life of Riley radio program, for instance. But today’s technology means that the “everywheres” include a vast landscape of social media.

And that landscape is constantly changing. Remember Ello, the supposed Facebook killer that launched last year? Neither do very many people. Do you know WhatsApp? Your kid probably does. Did you know marketers are sinking thousands upon thousands of dollars into SnapChat? Did you read the headline of this post and ask: What-the-heck is Beme?

The fickle world of social media can be daunting. How do you know if you should jump in and start pinning, posting or tweeting? The answer is that you don’t, until you’ve explored.

Social Media Geographic Explorers Club

This month WhiteSpace Creative is launching an Instagram account. The photo and short-form video sharing platform will allow us to tell the story of our agency and our clients in rich and interesting ways. We’ll fully explore the possibilities of the much-loved application, which just this week began lowering barriers for brands to engage with Instagram users via sponsored posts.

This exploration allows us to better understand new social media channels. We are constantly developing a more robust knowledge base for clients who may have questions or concerns before embarking on their own social media explorations. For those who’d prefer we represent them in those spaces, our exploration means we can effectively work to drive their social brand success.

We explore the social landscape so we can tell you that the buzz-worthy, “authentic” video sharing of Beme could be an interesting way to tell a story, but probably won’t take off.

We explore so we can help you understand the ways that Periscope can help you connect directly to prospective customers by offering live, helpful Q&A, or product demos.

And we continue to explore and play in social media so we can be sure that we don’t miss the next big baseball park outfield wall.

Get ready to follow us on Instagram and anywhere else we might pop up, and don’t be afraid to ask us about marketing ideas in general and new social platforms in particular. If they’ve been launched, or are about to be, we’ll know about them. We would be delighted to help you explore and decide if any are right for your particular brand of celery tonic.

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