Wrapping Up the Year: Gift Wrap Tips, Tricks and Traditions of the WhiteSpace Staff


Holiday gift wrapping. In a way, it’s just like developing strategic creative solutions. How? For some, it's an opportunity to make a work of art. For others, it's a laborious and frustrating obstacle. We asked our own staff about their annual wrapping techniques and traditions. See how different approaches reflect the diverse and passionate problem solvers right in our own office!

Serious business        

Lyndsay Monk, an account manager, coordinates her gift wrapping with as much precision and vigor as she manages her accounts. It all starts with a thorough discovery session with Mom to discuss resources and inspiration before deciding on their annual color theme. (For the record, this year will be blue and gold). While no creative brief has entered the process – yet – the entire family is expected to stick to the theme, so that all presents under the tree are color coordinated. No time for revisions!

Box or bag?

Let’s be honest, as nice as it is to receive a gorgeously wrapped present, gift bags are a kajillion times easier. Our Copywriter Eric Morris agrees. “I don't wrap. I’m horrible at it. I kill rain forests," says Eric. "Just use gift bags. They’re economical and concise, like good copy.” No cutting. No taping. No crooked seams. Just pop in the gift, stuff the bag with tissue, and you’re done. In and out, like a trip through a drive-thru. And, best of all, you can re-use the bag.

Blog_GiftWrapBox (1)

But there are some that are box fanatics. Like our PR Manager Lyndsey Maurer. Lyndsey puts everything into boxes before she wraps. We mean EVERYTHING, even big fluffy stuffed animals. “It just looks nicer than gift bags – and you can neatly pile them on top of each other under the tree.” Considering Lyndsey is our honorary Ugly Holiday Sweater winner, we’re not going to argue!

A comical solution

While Graphic Designer Matt Labyk admittedly isn’t a fan of wrapping (“I can’t do those perfect corners”), he finds a way to have fun with it. Matt and his cousins traditionally use the comic section of the Sunday paper. It’s cheap. It’s environmentally friendly. And, like a true illustrator, “I like reading the cartoons on the box.” For more newspaper-inspired ideas, check out this “Wrapping with Newspaper” board.

The perfect match

Account Manager Bethany English Sava has a whole ritual to wrapping. Her favorite part is to find wrapping paper that reminds her of the gift’s recipient. Owl-obsessed niece? Check. Paisley-perfect mom? Check, again. Bethany considers the wrap part of the gift itself. Graphic Designer Alicia Jordan is on board. Rather than matching the paper to the person, though, Alicia enjoys matching the paper to the gift (ex. gold gift, gold paper). Whichever way you go, Bethany offers these words of wisdom, “Twenty-five percent of a gift is its presentation.”

Foil fun

Jeremy Toburen, our VP of Operations, reminds us of the value of buying wrapping paper after Christmas and saving it for the next. That’s how he gets all the good foil paper. Why foil, we asked? Because, under the tree, it “beautifully reflects the twinkling lights.” Wow, this coming from a spreadsheet guy? The holidays really are full of surprises!


While foil does add some sparkle, last year our Associate Director of Interactive Sean Mooney made a splash. Literally. He added paint splashes to plain-old kraft paper for a custom wrap. The year before? Kraft paper with press-on letters, personal messages and an illustrated bow. (First, Sean blows us away with gourmet-good cheesecake and now he impresses with hands-on wrapping. Watch out, Martha Stewart!)

Holiday hodgepodge


Don't you hate it when you finally get to that last gift and run out of paper? That’s the time to get really creative – just ask Matt. At a recent holiday wrap party here at WhiteSpace, he carefully taped together paper scraps to create a wrapping paper patchwork. And it only took four hours… But it looked great and did the trick (until we found a whole ‘nother box of wrapping paper hiding in the corner. Sorry, Matt!).

So whether you are the Martha Stewart of wrapping or a gift bag baron, remember there’s no right or wrong way to wrap. Just find the solution that works best for you. In the words of Graphic Designer Erin Shippy’s mom, “There are no bad wrappers. Just impatient people.” And, as we all know, mom is always right. (Just like clients.)

Want to know more about our problem solvers? Or what creative solutions we can come up with for your company? Reach out to us. And be sure to add your own gift wrapping nuances here. Think about it, everyone has them... Happy holidays!


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