We’re Changing How We Look. Not Who We Are.


I often say, “You gotta like change to like working at WhiteSpace.” From our continually evolving capabilities to expanding geographically, acquiring new companies and most recently transforming an 1800s structure into our new home, this comment sometimes seems like the understatement of the year.


And now WhiteSpace is ready to make another change. A big one. This time to our identity. Since the company’s founding in 1994, our simple black-and-white logo – with its distressed font encircled by a smooth, infinite oval ring – has represented us well. It’s fun. It’s memorable. And it embodies the perfect balance between organized chaos and streamlined consistency that makes up our daily agency routine.

So why now?

A lot has happened in 22 years. Our staff has ranged in size from one employee to around 40. Our work has expanded from one-off design projects to strategic, integrated programs and campaigns. And, we’ve acquired two other companies – two other cultures – who gave up their identities to become one with ours.

What it means

We’re introducing a new WhiteSpace logo that better reflects who we are today – and want to be tomorrow. While the bold white “w” obviously signifies WhiteSpace, the strong square shape represents a digital pixel, illustrating our company’s (and industry’s) future. The tiny carat at the mark’s base creates the point of a pencil, symbolizing the on-point strategy and creativity WhiteSpace is known for. And its interior space makes up a stylized talk bubble to convey our commitment toward communication, collaboration and developing messages that matter – to our clients, to their customers and to the community.

How it relates to our brand

This more sophisticated identity, with its highly organized structure, coolly offsets the more handcrafted elements of our brand: the loose, organic illustrations, the genuine “whatever it takes” attitude and the hardworking, “roll-your-sleeves-up” commitment that’s reflected in both our leadership and culture every day. What’s more, our polished new identity sharply contrasts our new home – a meticulously renovated and restored 1890s historical landmark. With its raw wood, exposed brick and galvanized metalwork, this rustic location is the yin to our refined logo’s yang. All to create perfect balance for WhiteSpace moving forward.

A new building. A new year. And a new identity. As usual, WhiteSpace isn’t afraid of change. And while I believe change is good, two things will always remain the same: our obsession for doing whatever it takes to produce jaw-dropping results AND our dedication to delivering an inspired customer experience over and over again. Those things I’ll never mess with…

Legendary ad exec Bruce Barton once said, “When you are through changing, you are through.” How do you feel about change? What do you think about ours?

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