How the #WSCevolution, Well, Evolved

If you’ve been following the #WSCevolution, you know WhiteSpace has been teasing our new identity since July. (Confession: we had to look that up. It’s been going on for too long.) And maybe you remember that, as part of the evolution, WhiteSpace put up a stripped-down interim website and changed all of our social media profile images to a mysterious gray and white. We interviewed President and Founder Keeven White on site at our very old “new” home, and blogged about logo no-nos while we sketched concepts for our own mark. Hopefully what you remember most is that we introduced this campaign as a really cool, creative way of communicating transparently with you about our brand as it evolved right before our eyes – and yours.

Finally, after 10 months of #WSCevolution, we’ve launched our new website! If you’re reading this blog post, you’re on it. (Pretty smooth experience, right?) But what happened to the other elements we were exploring?

The best laid plans of mice and marketing professionals…

OK, maybe the 18th century Scottish poet wasn’t specifically talking about marketing professionals when he penned his famous line. But his sentiment holds: the best-laid plans often go awry. There is no doubt we put a lot of thought into #WSCevolution. We developed engaging phases that took us from the initial decision-making process all the way through to the eventual launch. But, along the way, #WSCevolution lost some momentum. Why?

WhiteSpace aimed to launch our new identity, website and building in one fell swoop. And we were pretty sure we could do all of this in five months. Ambitious? Maybe. But not impossible. However, the reality is that each of those three pieces took on a spectacular life of its own, and one of these pieces – the renovation of our 1893 fixer-upper – has a lifespan dependent on factors we can’t control. Like the weather (this is Ohio, after all.) As true strategists, WhiteSpace recognizes that when a plan no longer makes sense, you need to reassess.

The insight that changed everything

But, the building is the easy answer. Truthfully, this whole self-exploration thing led us into some unexpected places. Case in point, we were moving along in the design process when we stumbled across a major realization. For WhiteSpace, it’s not just about what we can do for our clients. It’s much more about how we do it. It’s our roll-up-the-sleeves, dive-right-in mentality. It’s our president operating power tools to make our dream home a reality. It’s our designers waking up from a sound sleep to sketch in a moment of inspiration. It’s our developers collaborating with our writers over homemade guacamole. It’s relentless drive. It’s elbow grease. It’s grit.

Ultimately, this is the concept we chose, despite the fact that we had already made strides with design and messaging for an earlier concept, because this is who we are. Did it add more time? You bet. But it’s worth it.

So where are we now?

WhiteSpace is at a point where we feel confident unleashing the evolution one piece at a time – as it makes sense – and putting the hashtag to rest. The new logo is complete (-ly awesome), but does it make sense to reveal it before we move into our new home? No. Our new voice is ready. You’re reading it right now. And, our new website is live. It’s clean, responsive and full of features that make it a better experience for our current and potential clients and employees. It just didn’t make sense to delay launching it for the sake of the grand release party (though we imagine the cocktails and colorful cheese balls would have been fabulous.) So for now, have fun exploring our new website. We especially like the client workbook – check it out. And know that the rest is coming when we make the big move later this year. Just please don’t ask us when!

Our guess is that you also know a thing or two about those best-laid plans. Need help making a tough strategy call or complex branding choice? Get in touch. WhiteSpace has experience editing the game plan – with purpose.

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