New Year, New Marketing Resolutions


Watch out, 2017!

The holidays are in the rearview and we all rang in 2017 like a freaking bell – with the hangover or food coma to prove it. Now it’s time to get serious about those pesky resolutions, both the reasonable ones and the seemingly impossible. It’s time to commit to losing a few pounds, pumping some iron or learning a new skill, like snake charming or how to jam out on the didgeridoo.

New year, new you – right?

WhiteSpace has already made some major strides in 2017. We’re in our new building. And we’ve launched our rebranded identity to coincide with our new stomping ground. 

Right from the beginning, WhiteSpace has charged into 2017 at a full-blown sprint. But, in the spirit of the New Year, we would like to take a moment to point out a few things we’ve noticed and, based on client feedback, offer some suggested marketing resolutions that can help your business grow in the coming year.

Marketing resolutions for 2017

Focus on storytelling: Brands, celebrities, companies – everyone has a story. It’s important to make a concentrated effort to craft powerful narratives that weave a company’s culture into their content plans in a genuine way. A strong story starts a conversation, encourages authentic relationships and builds trust in a brand.

Emphasize digital advertising: It’s no secret that we live in a digital world. Every brand needs to have as strong a digital presence as possible – from strategy to content to design and beyond. This is crucial for a company to be relevant and competitive in the digital space.

Evolve social media strategies: Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram – the list goes on and on and on. While these social media outlets are far from new, the way people (brands, companies, etc.) use them continues to evolve – just look at facebook live. To be in lockstep with these developments, a brand always needs to find new ways to grow and enhance their social strategies and, in turn, expand and improve social media presence.

Commit to recruitment marketing efforts: We’ve all seen the large-scale dissection of the elusive Millennial employee: What do they want in a career? What makes them tick? What are their values? But with a finite number of opportunities and a large talent pool, how do businesses attract the right – and most talented individuals! – to their company? It’s of the utmost importance to invest in recruitment resources and commit to a recruitment strategy, especially in this highly competitive environment where everyone is looking for an edge.

Stick to them!

Unlike the Shake Weights that never made it out of the packaging and sit unused in basements across the country, these resolutions are ones worth keeping. No offense, Shake Weights, but these marketing resolutions can help you grow your business and be competitive in the market.

Need help?

WhiteSpace is eager to embrace the challenges that lay ahead in 2017. If you need some professional help accomplishing these marketing resolutions or if there are some other goals you have in mind, reach out to us.


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