From Ostriches to Broken Car Parts (Obviously)

Here are the commercials that caught our attention in 2017.

WhiteSpace has a few softies around the office who let the sentimental commercial spots get to them and the old heart strings. Others see themselves in the brief vignettes and relish in a good cathartic laugh-cry (or cry-cry). For some, it’s the flight of the flightless bird, the impossible becoming possible, a true underdog story…. And the most pragmatic among us just feel strongly about the fiscally responsible decision of bundling home and auto insurance. Whatever it is that speaks to us, here are our favorites from 2017:

Subaru — Forever Young

Recommended by: Denise
“I love the unexpected ending and how the natural world allows you to be forever young. It’s a touching commercial.”

Totino’s Pizza Rolls — She’s Home

Recommended by: Eleanor
“This one not only brought tears to my eyes because of the incredible speed with which this woman is able to change from work clothes to pajamas, but it also made me laugh.”

Samsung Official TVC — Ostrich

Recommended by: Annie
“I love this spot. The childlike curiosity. The limitless possibility. Elton John’s 'Rocket Man.' The freaking ostrich. Also, it’s super relevant because it’s advertising VR, and instead of showing all the cool places a VR headset could take a person, it shows an animal experiencing it, creating a whole new dimension…. just like the product does.”

NAPA Auto Parts — Car Noise Trio With Tyler and Rick

Recommended by: Eric J.
“For the people who are NOT mechanically inclined when it comes to cars (like me) – these spots are great.”

Budweiser — Born the Hard Way

Recommended by: Shon
“I love the whole concept of overcoming adversity and starting something from scratch. Who doesn't love a story of someone persevering and making their dream come true!”

GE — Meet Molly, the Kid Who Never Stopped Inventing

Recommended by: Elise
“I love this commercial because it makes me ugly cry. No matter where I am. She’s a badass from day one. We must encourage our daughters to pursue machinery, engineering and all the other 'unladylike' fields, and we need to start in childhood and inspire them toward a meaningful career path.”


Busch — Buschhhhh

Recommended by: Mike
“I remember laughing hard when I first saw this commercial. It was a great start to a new campaign that has built upon the concept with several other quick and clever spots. The other commercial spots have also been able to tease the main audience as well as other demographics without losing the tone.”

Progressive Insurance — Dad Support Group Session

Recommended by: Eric M.
“Because this spot nails it. It’s every stereotypical dad or little league coach from my childhood. It also makes a humorous comment on how, as we get older, we notice ourselves doing things our parents did and when we catch ourselves it’s like ‘oh son of a… I’m told that, I don’t say that.’ It’s also shameless (in an awesome way) in how it sells the insurance — because that’s what dads do, they buy insurance and other lame things, like twine.”

Ya Done Good, 2017… At Least When it Comes to Commercials

From inspirational to absurd, heartfelt to humorous, these commercials stuck with us throughout the year. But that’s not all. They also served as a solid reason for us to participate in the timeless tradition of creating the obligatory year-end “Favorite Fill-in-the-Blank List.” So bon voyage, 2017! Thanks for the weirdness.

Thinking about 2018 and how you can tell your story? We can help! Give us a holler.

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