Staff Picks for Best Belated Valentine Dining


Where did you take your Valentine on Tuesday night? If you’re like 39 percent of Americans, the answer is nowhere. A lot of us are waiting until this weekend to feed our hungry hearts. Blame it on work, the kids or simply the crowds (reservations skyrocket by 520 percent on V-day). Delaying the holiday has kinda become the cool thing to do.

Staying in is the new going out

According to Fortune, 72 percent of those surveyed said that staying home (and binging on Netflix) is a favorite way to spend time with the one they love. So it’s no surprise that, for a lot of couples, the “perfect” Valentine dinner means cooking their own romantic meal or ordering delivery. GrubHub, the online service that connects local takeout restaurants with millions of diners, reports that orders for sushi rolls, shrimp and Indian food have some of the biggest spikes on February 14 – the most popular GrubHub item being the heart-shaped Valentine sushi roll. Awwww!

Eat your heart out – in and around Akron

Now that the second busiest restaurant night of the year (next to Mother’s Day) is behind us, go out and gorge! But where, you ask? Well, WhiteSpace has a thing for food (have you seen our Facebook page?) and the Akron area. So we’re happy to suggest our favorite local places to find a hearty meal for two:



Eric M: Edgar's
Nothing says love like BBQ ribs (Akron’s best, by the way!).



Heather: Nuevo
Because who wouldn't feel lovey dovey after drinking a spicy mango margarita with a lime zest rim?




Eric J: Beau’s Grille
The patio is only open after Mother’s Day/closes end of September, but it’s one of the nicest, most romantic patios in all of Akron.



Denise: Akron Family Restaurant
Lots of seniors – just seeing their warm smiles and gentle touches makes me happy. I want to know their stories. (Akron Family is so engrained in the Akron community, it doesn’t need a website. Just see it for yourself at 250 W. Market St., Akron.)



Greg: Crave
Great atmosphere and food with interesting clientele.



Erin: The Wine Mill
It’s small and personable with an amazing wine list from boutique vineyards around the world. The building itself, a mill built around 1840, is super cozy with locally collected décor. This place is delicious and super cute!



Jen: Darby’s on Fifty-Nine
Never heard of it? Good. Because this rustic neighborhood pub can’t accommodate big crowds. The intimate setting is just one of the reasons it’s my favorite date night destination – the other being its scallop sliders!                     

What are you sweet on?

Akronites are so fortunate to be surrounded by neighborhoods brimming with excellent eateries, from lovely bars and bistros to dreamy diners and drive-ins. Some have been around so long they’ve become Akron staples (think Diamond Grille and Lannings), while others cross their fingers as they’re dubbed Akron’s hottest new hangouts (anyone checked out Chop & Swizzle, yet?).

If you plan on indulging in some great grub post-Valentine, share with us here. WhiteSpacers XXOO any excuse to go out for a bite!



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