WhiteSpace Welcomes Civic Hack N Akron


WhiteSpace, an integrated team of brand builders and difference makers based in Akron, Ohio, will be the site of Launch League's second-annual civic Hack N Akron on Saturday, April 22, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The 12-hour Hack N Akron event, organized in partnership with the City of Akron, involves four-dozen area professionals gathering at WhiteSpace to collaboratively solve three of the city's most pressing issues. Two of the issues have been carried over from the first hackathon in September. One is to provide “open data," digital platforms to make city data easily accessible, while the other is to brand Akron's diverse neighborhoods. The third issue involves bookings at the city's community learning centers.

Hack N Akron participants include tech, business and design talent, including city officials. Technical groups will focus on software development and website build outs, while business and design teams will work on branding concepts and website design.

“We’re excited to be the site of the second Hack N Akron event,” said Keeven White, president and CEO of WhiteSpace. “The event will bring the future of Akron’s technology movement into one of the City’s oldest structures. The contrast should be striking."

The professional event will coincide with a 24-hour student-run hackathon on the same day. The inaugural “HAkron” is expecting some 300 Northeast Ohio college students who will team up to create inventive technology-inspired solutions to pre-selected problems. HAkron will be held at the Bit Factory inside the Akron Global Business Accelerator.

WhiteSpace is a bronze-level sponsor of the April Hack N Akron event. The Launch League's next hackathon is tentatively planned for October.

About Hack N Akron

Hack N Akron is an initiative of Launch League and the City of Akron. Launch League is a startup founder lead Ohio nonprofit whose goal is to make Akron an excellent place to found and scale a startup. Launch League welcomes anyone currently involved with, or interested in scalable startups in the Akron area. This includes Saas startups, mobile apps, web apps, enterprise software apps, consumer hardware, etc. Launch League is supported by the Burton D. Morgan foundation and the United Way acts as their fiscal sponsor. Learn more at www.launchleague.org/hacknakron/


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