Feliz Cinco de Mayo

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This is nacho typical celebration, amigos.

WhiteSpace takes our holidays – and food – quite seriously. From cut-throat Iron Chef competitions to chummy agency potlucks, we go big. Or we go home. Cinco de May 2017 was no different. We celebrated in la cocina Friday, May 5, at noon with a Mexican-inspired potluck… you know, to honor the obscure Mexican battle that justifies all this.

In fact, our in-house poster promoting the event was an all-agency affair. Our uber-talented Associate Creative Director Susan Breen designed a highly detailed coloring page and the entire staff jumped in to create a true masterpiece! Watch our impressive process below:

Join in the fun!

Want to download our el grande Cinco de May coloring page and decorate it yourself? Just click here and print it out. Hope you have as much fun as we did!

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