Celebrate "Simplify Your Life Week" With These Killer Tips


Create more white space in your life.

That’s right, we went there. Shamelessly. As an agency that takes its name in part from the design term for unmarked negative space, it should come as no surprise that we have some thoughts on de-cluttering. And what better time to share them than the first week of August – National Simplify Your Life Week. It may not sound as immediately thrilling as National Creamsicle Day (August 14) or National I Love My Feet Day (August 17), but trust us: putting an end to the over-commitment, inefficiency and general chaos in your life will free up your brain for more important things. Like, you know, creativity and success.

Simplify your work.

Things can pile up at work – fast – and getting behind can have serious consequences. Stay ahead like these methodical ladies:

“A cluttered work area is typically an indication of a cluttered mind… and that includes your digital work spaces. If my inbox gets past 20 emails, I wig out!” – Heather Evans, account supervisor

“Lists, lists and more lists! Sometimes there just isn't an app that works better than pen and paper. If I write down my to-do list, I’m far likelier to remember everything. Plus, I feel so accomplished when I can cross things off.” – Ash Engelhardt, art director 

Simplify your home.

Does browsing through the storage solution section at Target feel like entering a glistening portal into what life could be? (No? Just me??) Don’t stock up on all those fancy plastic tubs just yet. According to some WhiteSpacers, the key isn’t buying more containers, it’s accumulating less stuff:

“Purge at least once a year. This year, I’m trying the KonMari method. Instead of going room-by-room, you purge category-by-category. So, go through all your books. Then all your clothes, etc. And you have to hold each item in your hands and consider whether or not it brings you joy.” – Caitlin Kane, design intern

“Get rid of cable. Get rid of the house phone. Get rid of your garlic press, vegetable peeler, apple cutter and anything else that one good knife can handle.” – Greg Kiskadden, executive vice president

Simply your food.

Sure, we all know that prepping a freezer full of nutritious meals each weekend will catapult us into a cycle of healthy eating that even Gwyneth Paltrow would be proud of. But, how many of us are willing to give up a whole Sunday to make it happen? Try these quick tips instead:

Overnight oats! So quick, full of protein and fresh fruit, and completely ready to go in the morning.” – Denise Copen, account manager

“When I get back from the grocery store, I pile all the fruits and veggies next to the sink. I wash and cut everything before putting it into the fridge. When we come rushing home from work during the week, the prep work is done. (Otherwise, no one’s eating that broccoli!)” – Jen Snider, vice president  

Simplify your parenting.

Those of us in the parenting category totally get why the first week of August is National Simply Your Life Week. We’re deep in the throws of back-to-school shopping. Here are a couple general hacks to make your parenting life easier:

“Get the Artkive app. It allows you to take pics of your kids’ artwork and then throw it away – guilt free! You can create albums, track each child, leave comments and more. Let’s be honest… you just can’t keep every masterpiece they bring home!” – Helen Davis, account manager

“I keep a pouch with the EpiPen, kids sunscreen and any other necessities at every location my kids go to frequently, like grandma’s house. That way, the important items are always on hand.” – Sharon Griffiths, art director

Simply yourself.

Sometimes, the most impactful de-cluttering is more of a mindset than a physical system. Check it out:

“Absolutely. No. Drama. I’ve spent years perfecting the art of avoiding drama.” – Derek Stulpin, associate creative director

“I’ve been reading about decision fatigue recently. It’s the reason Mark Zuckerburg always wears the same thing. He believes making a bunch of trivial decisions in the morning leaves you burned out by the end of the day. Do I believe it? I don't know. Regardless, I wear black pants and a jean jacket every day. I love the idea of wearing the same thing every day like a cartoon character. Can't go wrong with that!” – Matt Labyk, graphic designer

So, what’s my magical simplification hack? Yeah… lemme get back to you. After writing this post, I realize I have a lot to learn! However, I, along with the rest of the WhiteSpace brand builders, know a thing or two about simplifying a brand’s message. Need help cutting through the clutter? Get in touch. We’ll get right on it!

What’s your best life hack? Let us know in the comments!


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