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The podcasts we’re digging right now!

Anyone even slightly connected to the world of digital media knows that we are not currently experiencing a shortage of podcasts. Supply, in this market, is exceeding demand handsomely. That’s not a bad thing, though. When everyone and their mother has a podcast — as it is commonly said — it means there’s some information and a conversation for every niche audience. It’s like Oprah passing out prizes: you get a podcast and you get a podcast….

From taxidermy to true crime (Serial fans, anyone?), the podcast market is sufficiently saturated and the busybodies around WhiteSpace have latched on to a few.

Industry-specific ear juice

If you think we’re stuffing our ears with industry-specific pod content, like Adlandia or Tagline, you’re right. WhiteSpace Designer Matt Labyk suggests the podcast 99% Invisible. Matt describes the show as “a pretty awesome podcast about how design affects our everyday lives. It could be about architecture, language, everyday objects or graphic design. I like it because I am always wondering why/how certain things were invented.”

Sean Mooney, associate director of interactive, recommends a few podcasts relevant to the day-to-day creativity going on at WhiteSpace HQ. Sean suggests: Cool Tools, a podcast that shares interviews with people who recommend, as the title suggests, cool tools, ranging from apps to actual physical tools. Similarly, Sean recommends Toolsday, a podcast hosted by two web developers who discuss the tools they use. He also suggests Making It, featuring three YouTube Makers who discuss their current projects.

The other side of earbud inspiration

Sometimes the most creative inspirations come from unlikely sources and listening to a podcast about non-work related subjects can inform the creative mind tenfold. Here are a few other podcasts that are frequently humming through the earbuds around the office:

Earfuel — Hosted by Joel Freimark, a “self-proclaimed music obsessive,” Earful features interviews, commentary, historical elements and criticism from the music industry. WhiteSpace Interactive Project Manager Mike Zurbuch (and apparent podcast enthusiast) recommends this podcast because it includes “an album review as well as a ‘homework’ assignment that requires fans to listen to a particular album all the way through, no interruptions or distractions.”

Stuff You Should Know — Investigating questions like “Is Stockholm Syndrome Real?” and “Why Can’t We Find Amelia Earhart?” the podcast explores an array of subjects, from science to history, pop culture to music and more. SYSK accomplishes the rare feat of being both interesting and educational.

Planet Money — They all have the common theme of economics but not in a dull or heavy-handed way. The podcasts often tell the hidden backstory to how a particular product or practice became popular or commonplace. (Mike recommends Episode 627: The Miracle Apple and I recommend Episode 752: Eagles vs. Chickens). Bonus! If you like Planet Money, you will probably like Freakonomics Radio, too.

The Way I Heard It — Hosted by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame, this podcast is described as “short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.” Each episode lasts approximately 5 - 10 minutes and highlights an event or person that we thought we understood or, at the very least, knew. (Side note: this podcast was recommended around the office more than any other).

For every fish in the sea, there’s a podcast swimming around the internet

In addition to the podcasts mentioned above, there are approximately 14 bazillion more glistening in the digital media galaxy. But these ones, for eclectic reasons, stuck out to us at the moment. Why? They inspire us in our jobs. They satisfy our intellectual curiosity. They speak to our passions outside of our 9 to 5 jobs. And, if nothing else, they provide us with random facts should we ever need them — like at a cocktail party or if we were ever stuck in an elevator with a group of pseudo-intellectual strangers and needed something to talk about. So give our recommendations a try and see if one latches onto your cranium.

Do you need to talk about your ideas and how to get them to other people? We can help with that too!

Do you have a podcast suggestion? Is there one everyone needs to drop what they’re doing immediately and listen to, end-to-end, uninterrupted? Let us know in the comments.

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