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It’s 2018 – we’re all well-versed in the concept of the mom-o-sphere. You know, the online force of mommy bloggers who form tribes, offer support, share tips, attend conferences and receive some legitimate credit for igniting the dawn of influencer marketing. With more than 4 million mommy blogs in North America alone, everyone and their, well, mom seems to have one.

But did you know there’s actually a ton of super-talented, word-wielding dads out there who are also blogging? And, while there is some expected bro humor and the occasional fantasy football reference, dad blogging is about real, raw parenting. For dads, by dads. In honor of Father’s Day, and in the name of good storytelling and the ability to nail a target audience, we’re sharing our favorite dad blogs here. Take a look!

Man vs. Baby

What it is: Matt Coyne, best-selling author and GQ contributor, is the man behind this hilarious blog that grew out of a viral Facebook post. It’s the quintessential dad blog in that it gives a brash, unapologetic view into the first-time dad experience. Part anecdotal, part educational, Man vs. Baby speaks to, in Coyne’s words, “the screw-ups; the play-it-by-ear, winging-it normals; the inept, the scared, the disorganised, the immature and clueless.” With nothing but love.

Why we like it: Just read it. Seriously. It’s fast paced and laugh-out-loud funny with uncanny insight. Plus, as social media advocates, we love the notion that a guy can rant on Facebook one night and grow that into nearly 200,000 followers and a book deal. Finally, Coyne is from the U.K., so we get to giggle at his frequent use of F-bombs and crass British slang.

Out With the Kids (OWTK)

What it is: Writer and award-winning photographer Jeff Bogle is the dad running this popular blog. He shares recipes, travel tips, relationship advice, media and toy reviews, budget-friendly lifestyle hacks, school and sports anecdotes… the list goes on. And he has a monthly podcast where he shares his kid-friendly playlists.

Why we like it: OWTK feels sort of epic. Bogle is a natural storyteller, he posts prolifically and you’d be hard-pressed to find a dad issue he hasn’t at least briefly touched on. His daughters are teenagers now, so he has a more mature dad perspective (while still relating to new parents.) Plus, you can get totally lost in his photography for a while.

Designer Daddy

What it is: Authored by Brent Almond, a DC-based graphic designer and illustrator, Designer Daddy is a hodge-podge of parenting, DIY, lifestyle and pop culture talk. It covers lighthearted topics like crafting the ultimate road trip playlist, as well as weightier ones like same-sex parenting and open adoption.

Why we like it: We had to have one pick that relates to our industry, right? There’s a whole section dedicated to design where you can find really cool posts like this one about illustrating lunchbox notes (mad skills!). We’re also really drawn to the broad range of discussions and how Almond handles them all with both empathy and wit… and with a purposeful commitment to creativity.


What it is: Michael Sheehan, a content marketing manager and tech influencer in the San Francisco Bay area, blogs about – you guessed it! – the intersection of parenting and technology. On HighTechDad, he writes product reviews and how-to articles but also offers unique insight into how families can navigate life with ever-evolving technology.

Why we like it: Gadgets galore! From organizer apps to social media tips to safety-enhancing products, there is just so much to learn from this blog. Men, did you know you can test your fertility at home? So much to learn. And the faster technology evolves around us, the more important the discussions about responsible tech use will become.

The Single Dad Nomad

What it is: This blog, authored by a dad who goes by just Nicholas, is the complex and fascinating story of one man’s life as a single father to a biracial daughter… as they travel the world. The pair gravitates toward lesser-known places and never stays in any location longer than six months, experiencing other cultures and learning to be global citizens.

Why we like it: We like to think of this one as a best-kept secret. The Single Dad Nomad doesn’t have a lot of followers and only posts a couple times a month. But, wow, talk about adventure, passion, drama, beauty – this blog tackles a lot and does it well. Nicholas is a very descriptive writer, so you get to be a voyeur as he and his daughter journey around the globe. Tip: You can follow Nicholas on Instagram for some pretty striking travel photos.

Can you guess what all of these blogs have in common? (Psst… the answer is great writing and engaging imagery.) Thinking of starting a blog? We can help. And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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