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It’s totally a thing… right?

If Hallmark can invent Sweetest Day, Seinfeld fans can have Festivus (yep, they’re still airing grievances 20 years after the show ended) and the whole freaking internet can make Cyber Monday a thing, then we marketers can have Social Media Day, darn-it! The truth is that few people outside of the marketing world even know that Social Media Day exists. What’s more, with somewhere around 3 billion social media users globally, you could argue that in 2018, every day is Social Media Day. Still, as social media popularity – and the ways brands benefit from it – continues to increase, I say, let’s give credit where credit is due. And the time to give it is this Saturday.

How the holiday started

Social Media Day was launched by Mashable on June 30, 2010, as a way to pause and marvel at how social media had impacted global communication thus far. Here’s a little perspective for you: 2010 was the year Starbucks started offering free Wi-Fi. Connectivity was barely a thing! Oh and those 3 billion social media users? Back in 2010, there were less than 1 billion. And, you know, MySpace was still clinging on. No doubt about it, social media was in its infancy in 2010, and while Mashable was one of the pioneers that recognized its value, few marketers (and even fewer consumers) were able to foresee the explosive growth that has occurred over the last eight years.

Side note: Remember MySpace Tom? Spare no pity for him. His life (and incredible photography career!) turned out jussst fine.

How to celebrate

Ironically, the main way to celebrate seems to be with offline events where people gather in-person to discuss social media trends and special topics. Cities all over the world host networking events and celebrations on or near June 30. Fear not, there is a strong social component with event promoters and attendees posting with #SMDay.

What your brand can do

We think it would be awesome to start the conversation now on how to celebrate #SMDay here in Akron next year. If you attended our Social Media Cocktail Crawl, then you know we can throw a pretty good shindig full of social strategy tips. However, with Social Media Day just two days away, we’re thinking that’s more of a 2019 goal. So, we’re starting small this year and using #SMDayAkron to celebrate social media and to elevate our community. Your brand can join in, too. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Post a staff selfie
  • Stream a Facebook Live video
  • Experiment with IGTV, Instagram’s new extended video option
  • Share content from a social media educator you admire
  • Start a Twitter poll relevant to your business

Whatever you post in honor of Social Media Day this Saturday, just remember to use #SMDayAkron!

If you need help with your social strategy beyond this weekend, get in touch. We’re happy to lend some insight.

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