Finding The Right Explainer Video for Your Brand


Explaining The Explainers

Since the beginning of time (or at least the motion picture), marketers have been using explainer videos to clarify key ideas or answer questions around their brand. These videos can explain everything from how to use a complex piece of equipment to your brand’s core values and overall mission statement. There’s a ton of different explainer videos out there, so choosing the right one for your brand can be a headache. But never fear, the marketing people at WhiteSpace are here to explain the explainers. While we’re not going to touch every kind out there, these are the main categories and the types of brands and messages they’re best suited for.


A screencast is a video screenshot of a computer or any other device with narration that walks users through a process. Screencasts are perfect for explaining involved and technical aspects that your consumer might have trouble figuring out on their own. On the other hand, they’re not ideal for explaining high level business information. If you’re looking for that type of explainer video, one of the options below is a better bet.


When it comes to marketing, cartoons aren’t just for kids. Using an animated video is an excellent approach for introducing consumers to your brand. Bright colors and cute characters will keep your audience’s attention on the message you want them to hear. Since cartoon explainers are seen as fun and a little more goofy, they may not be the best approach if you’re running a funeral home. But, if you’re competing in a less morbid industry, like Holland Trucking and need to get your foot in the door, a cartoon explainer video can help you do it.


Perfect for deeper dives, whiteboard videos use only a blank canvas and black pen to mimic the feeling of being in a classroom and having something taught to you. If you’re tasked with explaining a more complex, high level idea to your consumer, you’ll want to think about using this explainer type. While most explainers clock in around a minute and a half, there’s no problem with a whiteboard video going a bit longer since they look into a specific topic. Take a peek at this video from Riverbed Books to see what we mean.


Have a message that’s so impactful that your viewers need to see it spelled out to believe it? Yes? Then typography is for you! Typography explainers are videos using only words and usually set over narration or music. That’s it! When things are this simple, the key is to rely on the often overlooked factors to get your message across. Font type, size, boldness and italics, will help to create something that really, really (see what we did there?) resonates with your viewer. 

Live Action

Maybe the simplest type of explainer video, good old live action is a viable option for a few reasons. More than any other explainer type, live action leaves a lot of room for humor. Just check out this 2012 video from Dollar Shave Club, introducing their brand to consumers. Also, if you’re selling a tangible product like food or clothing, showing your consumer what the product actually looks like is way more appealing than giving them an illustration of what it’s supposed to look like.

Still not sure which explainer video style is the best fit for your brand? Know what you want but need a top notch marketing agency to help you bring it to life? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help. 

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