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School’s out, Memorial Day has passed and although the calendar dictates that summer begins on June 21, we’re all more or less sipping margaritas and lounging by the pool until September, right? Well, we are in our hearts anyway. Most of us are still caught up in our typical day-to-day grind, save for one glorious vacation week in there somewhere and the vague notion that, “It’s summer, man. Get your nose out of your phone and go outside.” If you have anxiety about ditching your smartphone and spending your weekends unplugged and outdoors, keep reading. It’s 2019 and there are myriad ways to take in the summer splendor while still geeking out over some pretty cool tech.

1. For every day

Product: Bose Frames audio sunglasses
Price tag: $199.95    
Why it’s cool: These are sunglasses with built-in Bose speakers. You never have to squint or be without your own personal soundtrack again. Plus, Bose Frames are enabled with the first-ever audio augmented reality platform. Yeah… we’re not really sure what the heck that looks like, but it sounds cool!

2. For the pool

Product: Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 waterproof wireless speaker
Price tag: $169.00
Why it’s cool: This high-quality wireless speaker is fully waterproof, meaning it can withstand being submerged in water and is actually designed to float on the surface of a pool. It can access your playlists, sync with other speakers to amplify the sound and has the ability to create some seriously powerful bass. In short, it makes you the coolest person at the pool party by far.

3. For the beach

Product: Coolest Cooler smart cooler
Price tag: $499.99
Why it’s cool: OK, this is outrageous, I admit. No one ever needs to drop $500 on a cooler. But, consider this entry a dreamy homage to science and the incredible ways we can now apply it to our leisure time. In addition to keeping stuff cold, this cooler features a blender, LED lighting, battery and solar USB chargers, a bar top table, a bottle opener and corkscrew, and some handy-dandy magnetic utensils. Party on.  

4. For patio parties

Product: MosquitoSlayerX™ LED mosquito killer lamp
Price tag: $40
Why it’s cool: Nothing ruins a chill night on the patio like a blood-thirsty swarm of mosquitos feasting on your guests and killing the vibe. If you plan to entertain outdoors this summer, you can make your deck more welcoming with this clean, quiet, non-toxic li’l gem. Plus, the product name is seriously badass, which bears mentioning.

5. For (serious) travel

Product: Pocketalk™ voice translator
Price tag: $249
Why it’s cool: If you’re lucky enough to spend the summer gallivanting around the globe, you might have use for this product (and can probably afford the steep price.) Pocketalk is a handheld device that can translate 70+ languages in 30-second speaking increments allowing for two-way conversation. It also uses AI to get better at translating the more you use it. As someone who once spent a full year traveling abroad and was utterly lost most of the time, I can’t stop marveling at this invention.

6. For camping

Product: Wacaco Minipresso NS portable espresso machine
Price tag: $38.91
Why it’s cool: Sure, camping is largely about the experience of “roughing it,” but let’s keep some standards, shall we? This hand-operated espresso machine works anywhere – no electricity or N2O cartridges required. It’s small and lightweight, which makes for easy packing, and it brews a rich, bold espresso, which makes for a heavenly morning on the campsite.

7. For hiking

Product: Nexfinity One Survival paracord bracelet
Price tag: $13.99 (set of 2)
Why it’s cool: This simple bracelet is a pretty thorough wilderness survival kit that fits on your wrist. It features a fire starter, a compass, a whistle, an LED light, a selection of tools and 10 feet of paracord. It’s basically Bear Grylls as a comfy wearable. If you’re hiking this summer, it just makes sense.

8. For indoor kids

Product: Click & Grow Smart Garden 9
Price tag: $199.95
Why it’s cool: You know that feeling when you’re the only indoor kid and everyone else is talking about how awesome their gardens are doing and you’re all, “Why can’t I just plug something in and grow food inside?” You can! This NASA-inspired, self-watering wonder is legitimately changing the game. It comes with smart soil (optimized with the right balance of water, oxygen and nutrients), LED grow lights and plant capsules. Plug it in, fill the water tank and go read a good book while you “garden.”

There you have it. No excuse not to enjoy the great outdoors (whether you’re actually outside or not.) The tech world is producing some super cool ways to spend a lot of money appreciating the simplicity of a warm, sunny day.
Interested in other ways tech is making life easier? We have ideas.

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