Here’s what the dictionary tells you about a brand: “A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer.” 

But here’s the truth: A brand isn’t just a name or consistent presentation of identity materials. It’s more than a logo on a piece of paper or a sign outside of a building. A brand is the sum of the relationships between its products and services and its employees and customers formed via the organization’s mission, vision and culture and the ways these components interact with different communication channels. Whoa. Sounds pretty cerebral, right? Because it is! A brand exists only in the minds of the people who interact with it. Now, before you look into becoming a hypnotist and start attempting mind control, hear us out. WhiteSpace has a proven approach to brand management that ensures consistency, creates differentiation and influences customer behavior.

We’re not reading tea leaves, either. We have a bona fide strategy.

Audience definition

WhiteSpace utilizes a strategic planning process to develop what we term as "Audience Mapping." The core of this process involves identifying all the influencers in the positive adoption of the brand and figuring out what makes them tick. What do we want them to do? What must they believe in order to do it? Prioritizing these elements makes pursuing your strategy much more effective and less time consuming.

Journey mapping

Journey mapping reveals the intricate manner of how and when a person experiences your brand. WhiteSpace explores your current positions and goals, and develops that into a relevant scaffolding of customer touchpoints. We use a series of thought-provoking questions, dialog, breakout sessions – we do whatever it takes to get there. This provides us with critical insight into your interconnected, cross-channel customer experience.

Mission and vision statements

A mission statement is a succinct declaration that explains why you exist. (Your company, that is. Not you. We’re not Socrates.) Whereas, an organization’s vision statement is forward looking and intended to influence management decisions and inform the community. WhiteSpace helps navigate the distractions, get to the core messaging and craft eloquent statements.

Positioning statement

A positioning statement is a super-tight, high-impact explanation of a product’s or service’s purpose within a particular market and demographic. You know, the trusty elevator pitch. We help you identity that purpose and the differentiators built into your company’s very fabric. Then we collaborate on a positioning statement that cuts through clutter like a warm knife though butter (We promise not to rhyme though).

Product/service naming

Product and service naming – and balancing that elusive perfect name with a logo and tagline – is a challenge that WhiteSpace is ready to work on. As a bunch of hyper-focused problem solvers, we actually love it. From localized businesses to Fortune 500 brands requiring cultural phonetic studies and global trademark considerations, WhiteSpace has done it all.

Brand and identity guidelines

If you made it to the point where you’re thinking about brand and identity guidelines, your brand is probably pretty dear to your heart. So protect it – fiercely. Guidelines help ensure that your brand is consistently represented through all communication pieces. They vary from a few pages that detail critical statements and logo use to multi-section books guiding voice, tone, email signatures, primary and secondary imagery, packaging, fonts, color pallets and more. WhiteSpace builds what your brand requires.

Want to see the type of work we can create for you? Check out our growing portfolio. But remember, the first step is a conversation. Contact our marketing professionals to learn more.

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