Creativity is palpable, and solving problems like a boss requires as much intelligence as it does tenacity. That’s why WhiteSpace approaches each challenge as the unique opportunity it is. But everyone needs a process, right? We do have some essentials like our client-centered teams and highly involved Audience Mapping sessions that ensure our creative is rooted in insight. We have a basic structure, too. Really basic, which is why it works:

  • Listen
  • Understand
  • Build

What do we build once we’ve done our legwork? Check it out.


WhiteSpace develops strategic messaging with the ultimate goal of motivating readers to take some form of action. (Pat your head and rub your stomach. Now. See? We’re good.) Messages may be represented within body copy, campaign themes, headlines, taglines, video and broadcast scripts, online content and anywhere else you want words. Our copywriters are current with writing-for-web trends and can help you achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Graphic design

WhiteSpace specializes in communicating powerful messages visually and effectively by combining typography, visual arts, photography and page layout. This is incorporated into all our capabilities: corporate identity, website development, advertising, branding collateral, packaging, etc. In fact, our designers are just as good at storytelling as our writers. They just make those vital human connections through images rather than words.

Concept development

Many times internal marketing departments need a partner to help them get a new perspective. Enter WhiteSpace. The ideal blend of vision and strategy, we’re happy to come in and help out with some creative heavy lifting. If we need to stick around and see it all the way through to production, well we’re happy to do that, too.

Email and direct marketing

Say exactly what you want to say to the exact person you want to say it to. WhiteSpace creates powerful marketing messages directed toward specific target audiences. Using a wide range of vehicles – email blasts, direct mail or even links to specially designed landing pages – we can track and measure results.

Logo and identity materials

The simplest graphic representation of your organization, product or service needs to be concise and well balanced with your tagline or other core elements, while working in all modern media outlets. This is not a job for your neighbor’s son’s friend’s cousin (let him do that family reunion invite Aunt Peggy’s been nagging you for). Logo and identity collateral require serious professionals like the ones at WhiteSpace. A logo is, after all, the first impression an audience has of your brand – and you only get one first impression.


WhiteSpace illustrators have a vast array of styles ranging from 3D photo-realistic renderings to doodles with severe attitude and everything in between. These highly trained artists give your message a hands-on human feel that inspires engagement. Illustration can also be used when the idea calls for it – when the ideal photo isn’t available or doesn’t exist, an illustration can be equally powerful.


Need a high-impact way to communicate your message at a glance? Data, illustration, design and interpretation all come together to make these appealing, easily understood graphics. We just love when we can put both sides of our brains to work.

Package design

WhiteSpace, aka the Master of Shelf Appeal, develops custom packaging solutions that address a variety of needs, from consumer engagement, brand positioning and sales messaging to cost-efficient shipping and merchandising. We work closely with select suppliers and production resources to ensure that specifications are carried through from initial concepts to end product.


Green screens, locations, head shots. WhiteSpace has awesome in-house abilities, but we know when we’re the creators and need a trusted vendor to come in for larger productions. And, man, do we know some top-notch vendors.

Point of purchase (POP)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could whisper sweet nothings to your customers just as they were about to make a buying decision? Oh wait, you can. On the shelf, counter or free standing – our POP development helps highlight your product while communicating its positioning statement in a B2C environment.

Environmental graphics

As much as we care about recycling (and we do!), we’re talking about signage and way-finding graphics. These materials can be fun and whimsical or sleek and corporate. And don’t forget about ADA compliance and your own brand standards. WhiteSpace can concept, produce and install environmental graphics to meet your needs.


WhiteSpace offers complete production capabilities that meet the very highest pre-press and printing standards. Using our high level of technical knowledge, we perform photo retouching, file correction and optimization techniques. It’s a meticulous job, but someone’s got to do it – flawlessly.

Want to see the type of work we can create for you? Check out our growing portfolio. But remember, the first step is a conversation. Contact our marketing professionals to learn more.

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