Public Relations

Effective public relations doesn’t mean sending a press release about your business to every reporter with a pulse. To make a real impact, your message should be focused and integrated with all of your marketing efforts. Good PR tells compelling stories to people who want to hear them with messaging they’ll recognize from any place they’ve seen your brand.

At WhiteSpace, when it comes to PR, here’s how we roll.

Reputation management

The public eye sometimes levels a harsh gaze at businesses (like the Eye of Sauron, for the geeks out there). Managing your business’s image is about managing your reputation. You’ve spent years developing your good standing and it can all be destroyed with something as seemingly inane as a careless Tweet. WhiteSpace works to understand your company’s reputation in the world and monitor changes in public perception. It’s your best defense against crisis.

Media relations

WhiteSpace has deep experience inside and outside of newsrooms, boardrooms and living rooms, giving us tremendous insight into how to work with those professionals who promote your business to a larger audience. Being truly helpful is the key to getting incredible coverage, and we use all of the tools at our disposal – press releases, public events, speech writing and more – to ensure you get exposure. We then monitor your coverage through cutting-edge tools, prepare in-depth reports and offer our perspective to help you understand what it all means to your bottom line.

Social media management

Social media content is a critical component of many integrated marketing plans But without the proper strategies and timelines in place, the best content in the world won’t accomplish your goals. So before we put pencil to paper to write content – we're sure to get a sound strategy in place.

Crisis communication

Our buddy W.B. Yeats once wrote, “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…” It’s the perfect (and frankly spooky) description of a business in crisis. At WhiteSpace, we help you hold the center and control the anarchy through proactive crisis communication management that trains you on how to deal with a crisis before it occurs. We offer crisis mitigation plans and mock drills and help you build contingencies, while also providing media relations support.

Spokesperson training

When your business requires a public face, it also requires a confident, on-brand voice coming out of that face. While we can’t necessarily make your spokesperson better looking, we can work wonders on his or her presence and ability to answer questions on camera, on record, and face to face.

Public speaking

Fear of public speaking is the most common of all phobias, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking our inspiration from Henry Higgins, but without all the “Rain in Spain” shenanigans, WhiteSpace PR executives can coach your employees – at any level – to become the best public speakers they can be, from the dais or in front of the camera.  

Speech writing

Never be at a loss for words when you’re faced with a public opportunity to make your best impression. Our staff of highly experienced writers can help you nail your next speech, from opening joke to passionate denouement, making sure your message is clear and on brand. After all, you don’t get a mulligan when it comes to giving speeches.

Event management

WhiteSpace can help you launch your next product, opening or business initiative with high-impact special events that drive interest from press, business partners and consumers. We can handle every aspect of planning and assist your team through theme development, budgeting, booking and risk management – and maybe even do a little clean-up (we’re not afraid to get dirty).

Employee communications

With 20+ years of internal communications experience, WhiteSpace can help you craft engaging assets to keep employees informed and excited. We leverage our extensive experience on a variety of social media platforms, as well as our superior design and messaging knowledge, to make sure your internal communications drive business goals whether they are retention, recruitment or company pride.

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