Alaina MaloneyAccount Manager

Alaina Maloney found her way into the marketing and advertising industry through the kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly. Starting as a silent partner for a local pizza chain, Alaina handled the business end of things, but quickly found her way into the kitchen where she went from balancing the budget to hand-rolling homemade pizza dough. Through this hands-on experience, Alaina didn’t just develop a passion for an authentic pie, she also gained deep insight into business operations and customer service. So when Alaina hung up the apron and transitioned from the restaurant into a sales and marketing position, she brought the multi-tasking skills of a chef, the savvy of a small business owner and a passion for providing clients with exactly what they ask for… and more. With nearly a decade of marketing experience and three decades of customer care expertise, Alaina brings a unique, client-focused skill set to the table (one more restaurant reference!). Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a self-starting, bar-raising, outgoing and organized individual who embodies the “Whatever it takes” mantra that defines the team at WhiteSpace. That helps, too.

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Industry Experience
10 years
Joined WhiteSpace
Concord-Leroy Chamber of Commerce
The Sub Zero Mission
Printing industry

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