Eric JacobsCreative Director

As a self-professed master prankster, Creative Director Eric Jacobs doesn’t just bring the creativity to WhiteSpace, he also brings it to his practical jokes. Whether he’s vacuum sealing a coworker’s office or hiding walkie talkies to pipe in leaky water sounds, Eric keeps the atmosphere fun and the workplace super creative. With 21 years of industry experience, Eric is the supercharged engine of creativity that drives WhiteSpace. An enthusiastic leader, Eric works closely with designers, illustrators, writers and art directors and challenges them to continually push concepts to the next level, while providing them with expert direction and insight. He also believes that when you have passion for what you do – and have fun doing it – you produce dynamic results, a mindset that makes him a natural fit as creative director. From initial dry erase sketches during a brainstorm to the final product, Eric dives in to the process and loves finding and developing ideas that achieve results for the client and WhiteSpace. With experience working on brands like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cedar Point, the Akron Zoo, SmithFoods Inc. and YRC Worldwide, Eric knows how to deliver – just like a perfectly timed punch line. Yet, for all he brings to the table as a director, inspirer and encourager, Eric is severely lacking in the polka dancing department, despite being half Ukrainian, which in the end, means the joke is on him.


Want to know more? Email us a request for Eric to share his expertise with your organization. Potential topics for speaking engagements include:

  • Branding
  • Content Development
  • Creative Techniques and Trends
  • Web Development
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Industry Experience
23 years
Joined WhiteSpace
Wild Boy Design
EMG Interactive
Point to Point
Liggett Stashower
B.F.A., Graphic Design
The University of Akron

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