Heather EvansAccount Supervisor

If crossword puzzles really do keep the brain young, Account Supervisor Heather Evans is setting herself up to be one smart cookie in her golden years. A self-proclaimed crossword buff, she views marketing as another type of puzzle – one she can solve with her ability to quickly analyze information, identify what’s relevant and convert it into actions that have impact. With experience on both the agency and client side, Heather understands different organizational structures, work cultures and industry quirks. From past work with well-known brands like La-Z-Boy® and OfficeMax® to current clients like Blind & Sons, Valspar Automotive and ADB Safegate, Heather is wired for achievement. Give her a goal and a little creative freedom, and she is all over it. Internally, we call her the Creative Brief Queen because, joking aside, she’s darn good at articulating what clients want and setting the tone for creative direction. Heather’s passion, drive and competitive streak even bleed into her hobbies. She has studied tai chi and earned a brown belt in karate.

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Industry Experience
27 years
Joined WhiteSpace
Point To Point
Smithers-Oasis Company
The Sherwin-Williams Company
W. B. Doner Advertising
B.S., Business
Virginia Tech

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