Helen DavisAccount Manager

Account Manager Helen Davis describes herself as an arthritic ballerina and currently restricted world traveler. But, don’t worry, the way she dances past challenges and utilizes her six years of overseas marketing experience, Helen is basically living the dream. At WhiteSpace, she manages one of the agency’s largest accounts, the trucking family of Holland, New Penn and Reddaway. Whether she’s navigating driver recruitment campaigns or brainstorming with another brand, Helen communicates openly and regularly. She ensures her clients get the focus and talent needed to set clear goals that transform into standout campaigns with measurable results. Helen’s not afraid to pitch a seriously wild idea – if she believes in it. And she won’t hesitate to guide our creative team toward a more mainstream message – if that’s the right solution. Helen’s a pretty smart biscuit (she’s British, we can’t say cookie.) Prior to WhiteSpace, Helen coordinated large-scale B2B and consumer exhibitions, attracting audiences of more than 100,000 annually. If she wins the mega-millions, she may use that meticulous attention to detail to plan an extended holiday to New Zealand where she met her husband. In the meantime, Helen will keep on truckin’.

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Industry Experience
13 years
Joined WhiteSpace
Clarion Events Ltd (London, UK)
Emap Ltd. (London, UK)
B.A., Media Production
University of Lincoln (Lincolnshire, U.K.)

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