Jeremy ToburenVice President

Tragically Jeremy Toburen has never won an award for generating metrics or processing payroll. He did, however, receive mad props the weekend he spent overseeing the stretching of our office carpet, a near-impossible feat. He also once came in second place (out of two) in an epic lip sync battle. Bravo, Jeremy. Further accolades are overdue for maintaining all aspects of the WhiteSpace ERP system and developing proprietary database solutions to analyze agency performance. Which is all to say that as vice president of operations, Jeremy is a busy guy. Working closely with President and CEO Keeven White, he puts his sharp, exacting mind to good use tracking and interpreting the organization’s sales, productivity and profitability performance. All while overseeing billing and payables, creating efficiencies within the agency, and assisting clients with data management and ROI tools. Still Jeremy somehow manages to find time to talk about his fantasy novel in progress. If you have a spare three or four hours, ask him about it.  

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Industry Experience
18 years
Joined WhiteSpace
B.A. English and History
Kent State University

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