Welcome Back, Social Media Cocktail Crawlers! 

Keep the crawl going… but with fewer cocktails maybe

Thanks again for attending our event! We hope you enjoyed the fast pace, fun drinks and information-packed stations. Hopefully, you made a few new connections, too. After all, social media is all about connecting with people.

Of course, social media is also an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can help your brand achieve its goals. If you left the crawl with some information overload, don’t worry. We have a quick recap here for each station, as well as some downloadable tips and cheat sheets. 



Strategy and metrics

Social media has evolved at an insane pace. As marketers, you can no longer rely on posting cool stuff and hoping for the best. WhiteSpace recommends a results-driven strategy approach that starts with a written social media plan. To develop a solid strategy, you’ll need to set goals (and define how you’ll measure success), map your audience, and do some smart social listening that includes following your competitors and top business targets. 




Once your strategy is in place, you should consider how that translates into a content calendar. WhiteSpace finds it helpful to create content buckets that align with your target audiences. This helps you generate content, as well as diversify your conversations. You should also follow brands and influencers who make sense for you, subscribe to relevant industry blogs and news, and research trending hashtags that may help your engagement.



Smartphone videos and pictures

If you only remember one thing from this station, make sure it’s this: never, ever use the zoom feature on your smartphone! This seriously degrades your image quality. No wait, shoot in landscape. Remember that one. Oh, that hack about carrying a battery-backup is pretty handy, too. Who are we kidding? We’re full of practical tips to help enhance the social content you can produce using just that incredible hand-held device you keep in your pocket all day.



Social graphics

Not everyone can be a graphic designer. But, we hope that our crash course in color, typography and composition helped you understand some of the basic principles that make an impactful image. Remember to consider the emotional implications of the colors you choose, limit your text and font choices, and experiment with asymmetry and the rule of thirds. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with copyright laws (you can’t just steal Google images!), and remember there are resources available to help you, such as:


Have additional questions we didn’t cover in our recap? Get in touch!

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